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 Something Beautiful to Remember is a captivating romantic story that delivers an emotional ride filled with twiss and turns.  Sara and Clay meet late one Saturday night in a hoel bar where both are staying. They are instantly smitten with each other. In spite of many difference and obstacles, a long-distance romance ensues over several years.  There is a fifteen-year age differenc and he is Midwestern while she is pure Southern. Their greatest obstacle is his addiction to alcohol.  It is a story of  unconditional love, but one filled with doubts and insecurities at times.  Still, there is also joy, hope, humore and respect. In the end, there is trady followibn by hearttbreak and grief. 

The book is also about friends and friendship. There are long-time friends Sara turns to, and there are newer unlikely ones (Clay's ex-wife, hi daugher, sisters, frieends) who all help her see that Clay truly loved her, and help her understand how importatn she was to him and that the two of them truly had something beautiful to remember.

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